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It is again time to breed irises...

At long last... we are going to be able to play our favourite game: creating new irises! Itís easy enough: you simply have to set a goal, to choose the right parents and then wait for 2, 3 or 4 years to see your first seedlings flower and then decide which to keep. Anyone can achieve this and the more people there are playing the game, the more chances of obtaining new and better cultivars.

I canít resist illustrating this newsletter with 2 seedlings which we selected in May 2016: the first is referred to as a ďflat topĒ with its wide open flower and the second boasts striations like delicate lines drawn with a pen and ink. This type of pattern is one of our breeding goals.

Although we had a mediocre flowering season last year, on account of the weather and late frosts this year, the blooming season will be beautiful and we are looking forward to welcoming you until the 2nd of June so you can discover hundreds of tall bearded iris varieties. Our website www.cayeux-irises.com is nice, but seeing the real plants is better yet!