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Année de création



Standards between cream and yellow, medium yellow falls green tinted. Yellow beards. Many moderate sized flowers and good reflowering at beginning of fall. (Byers 1988)
Flowering:Early to late


    Radiant and sparkling, as was Dominique herself... the colours of this iris have an unforgettable "joie de vivre": pure bright yellow standards, white falls with a wide yellow border creeping towards the centre. Golden yellow beards. Quite rounded flowers with crimped edges like its parent "Just Before Dawn". Quite a short stem but well-branched.


      An interesting and attractive combination of two different tones of yellow, each with a touch of green. Standards are a light greenish yellow and falls are buttercup yellow with numerous tight ruffles. Orange beards.


        Barium yellow, deeper on falls except around the orange beards. Nice shape and edges with serrated ruffles. Good grower and it often reflowers in September or October.
        Flowering:Early to late

          GRAND CANARI

          Pure bright yellow with a central white stripe on the falls and an orange beard which ends in a feathery white spur. Excellent low branching with 4 stems. The numerous buds: 8 to 10, ensure a long flowering period, late in the season.

            LOUIS D'OR

            Dazzling golden yellow or cadmium yellow. Golden yellow beards with thin red-brown streaks around them. Very elegant flowers and long flowering season.

              MARTILE ROWLAND

              New and truly interesting yellow: lemon yellow with bright and vivid red-orange beards on a small paler area. Ruffled and laced flowers.

                MIAMI BEACH

                New, beautifully shaped yellow! Golden yellow, slightly amber standards and very wide yellow falls with a small white area under the orange red beards. Compact, very well-balanced flowers, good branching, vigorous. Certainly one the best yellows with a red beard.

                  MONSOON MOON

                  A tendency toward green : olive yellow standards with hues of purple toward the heart. Falls are a paler olive yellow. Lavender beards with greenish tips. Lovely shape, ruffled, freeflowering (7-9 buds on average) and vigorous.
                  Flowering:Early to mid-season


                    Bright yellow standards and golden yellow falls sanded with white near the orange-yellow beards. It does not burn under hot sun. Good grower. (Smith 1992)

                      PIRATE'S QUEST

                      The very large, well-bodied flowers are slightly ruffled. Pure golden yellow with beards of the same colour on a small white area. 6 to 7 buds and often several stems per clump. Great garden value.

                        POT D OR

                        Pure sunshine yellow, with a discreet paler area under the bright yellow beard. Semi-horizontal falls, very wavy flowers with finely crimped edges. Particularly useful in that it flowers late.
                        • Rupture de stock


                        Brassy yellow standards with green tones, brassy yellow style arms . Brassy yellow falls with a lighter white flash near beards. Bright yellow-orange beards. Excellent growth. (Johnson 2012)

                          SECRET RITES

                          Very unusual! Greyish yellow standards strongly infused with purplish violet starting from their base, and golden yellow falls tinted with green. Orange-yellow beards. Small, tightly waved flowers, very good branching with up to 9 buds per stalk. Placed 3rd at the Florence International Iris Competition in 2009.


                            Variations of yellow for this direct descendant of 'Terre de Savane' which was introduced in 2015. Pale yellow standards infused with purple at their base, large amber yellow falls with an orange beard. The stems branch out low with 9 buds on average. Abundant flowering.

                              TERRE DE SAVANE

                              Yellow melting into light brown: amber-yellow standards infused with brown tones at the base, slightly less intense yellow falls with light-brown borders. Beards are golden orange. Superb low branching stalks with 10 to 11 buds on average.

                                TUT'S GOLD

                                Perhaps the deepest golden iris. The colour is absolutely plain on the whole flower, which has silky falls. A real gleaming beauty!



                                  Astonishing acid yellow with nuances of green. Light sulphur yellow standards and greenish yellow falls with a thin white border. Light yellow beards extended with a short white median stripe. Very shapely and strong, exemplary stems bearing an average of 10 buds. (Seedling Cayeux 12,343 A).


                                    Certainly the brighter yellow of our collection ! Mid golden yellow standards and slightly darker falls. Yellow-orange beards shouldered by short mahogany rays.
                                    Flowering:Mid-season to late