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Année de création



A pleasing descendant of 'Happenstance' showing pale pink standards and pinkish white falls which are peach toned around bright red-orange beards. Delicately jagged edging. Excellent branching and strong growth.


    Sister to "Belgian Princess"! Amethyst standards, darker in the center and orchid pink falls turning pinkish white toward the heart. Tangerine beards. Perfect stalks with 3 branches and 8 to9 buds. 3 lavishly ruffled flowers often open at the same time.


      Large flowers with pale pink standards and lilac pink falls featuring extremely long coral red beards with lavender pink spurs (in an almost triangular dagger-shape). Long stalks with an average of 8 buds.


        This is a delicate, soft, pinkish apricot with a tangerine beard. Nice wavy shape and good substance, with excellent branching. An in-between colour, delicate and very decorative..

          ROSE DÉSIR

          For me, this is the result of years of investigation! This pink Amoena delights us with its superior branching offering 9-10 buds on average per stalk, its pure white standards over rather intense candy pink falls with tangerine beards. A perfectly balanced plant (Cayeux seedling 07 22 A)

            SI TENDRE

            Sibling to 'Tapis Rouge' , yet completely different in its so very pleasant pastel tones. Very light pink beige standards framed by wide and ruffled falls of pale lavender pink turning white toward the centre. Light orange beards.


              A son of "Caprice de Star" in subtle pastel tones: light pink standards and pinkish white falls darkening along the coral pink beards. Large flowers carried by perfect low branching and well balanced stems. A very vigorous plant with an average of 9 to 10 buds per stem.

                TOP GUN

                Creamy pink standards. Cool rose-pink and laced falls with deep orange beards. Perfectly shaped flowers and a good grower.

                  TROPICAL DELIGHT

                  Clear peach pink standards and wide pink falls with a touch of lilac on the edges and slightly paler in the centre. Big tangerine beards with a long and feathered purple-pink horn. The flowers are richly ruffled and of a good size. Original!