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Année de création



As warm as the south of Spain: bright and pure yellow standards and velvety red falls. Extremely clean contrast and exceptionally vigourous. RHS Award of Garden Merit 2006.
Flowering:Early to mid-season


    Canary yellow standards , horizontal chestnut or mahogany falls with golden yellow beards, sometimes extended by a small white spur. Very good stems, good substance and long flowering . 8 buds . (Cayeux Seedling 10 45 A)


      Excellent variegata with old gold standards flushed burgundy at their base and velvety cherry black falls, narrowly edged with gilt-brown. Old gold beards. Superb stalks with 3 branches and 9 to 10 buds. Ruffled flowers and vigorous growth.


        Warm butter yellow standards, burgundy red falls lighter around the discreet orange beards. A reliable long-flowerer, it brings a new contrast to the category variegata. Easy to propagate.
        Flowering:Early to mid-season


          Sulphur yellow standards and maroon-purple falls with a narrow yellow border. Brassy yellow beards. It produces many compact flowers of moderate size (7 to 10 per stalk) and often 2 to 3 stems per fan. Extremely vigorous growth.


            A spicy warm variety: pure bright medium-yellow standards, falls between red and black with a yellow centre that spreads out in fine yellow streaks. The yellow-orange beards quite often end in a little dark red spatula, which gives an extra original note to this "spicy" flower. Winner of the "Public Prize" at Franciris in 2011

              RISK TAKER

              Creamy yellow standards, blushed yellow up midribs. Very wide wine red falls with a creamy white border and light gold beards . Prolific variety . Nicely branched stalks with up to 11 buds . (Johnson 2014)

                RUSTIC ROYALTY

                Excellent variety  with buff standards infused violet-lavender on their midribs and velvety mahogany-red falls. Golden yellow beards. Excellent stems, increases very fast.

                  TAPIS ROUGE

                  A good French-American cross: 'Irisades' x 'Calypso Beat'. Standards of a light butter-yellow, wide, nearly horizontal falls of a purple somewhere between mid-tones of aubergine and velvety claret-red, turning somewhat lighter towards the yellowy-orange beards. A clear contrast. Gorgeous ruffled edges and a strong stem.(brother to our 'Si Tendre' new variety)
                  Flowering:Mid-season to late

                    TRACY TYRENE

                    The standards are a bright lemon yellow and the falls bright plum with a yellow rim and white centre stripe. Frilly and lacy flowers on majestic stalks.(Ernst 1988)
                    Flowering:Mid-season to late