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Année de création



Gracefully shaped flowers with sky blue standards and darker blue-violet plicata markings on ruffled ivory falls. Popular iris, prize-winner several times despite a moderate average count of buds (only 5 to 6).
Flowering:Early to mid-season


    Standards are a light lilac blue, darker at the base; wide, softly bluish white falls. Remarkable bright white beards tipped in coral-red. An exquisite shape with a number of small and tight ruffles. Moreover, a very soft and attractive fragrance.


      Pinkish white standards, crimson toward the base. Falls are a warm white, slightly peach-toned. Tangerine beards. Lovely shape with ruffled and jagged edges. Tall, well-branched stalks. Strong grower. Light, musky fragrance. (Black 2011)


        Milk-white petals infused with medium blue-violet at their base, milk-white sepals also close to the horizontal and with strong undulations. Pale lavender barbs with white tips. Very pleasing!



          Quite innovative in this range: purplish violet standards with lacy edges, falls slightly bolder with a narrow bronze border, old gold beards set against a small white background which lights up the whole flower. Descendant of "Serene Moment". Interesting and late-flowering.

          Flowering:Mid-season to late

            AIGUE MARINE

            Magnificent very pure sky blue, with small pale yellow beards towards the centre becoming white at their ends. Flowers close to the stem but well spaced and moderately ruffled. Very upright stalks and long-lasting flowers (9 – 10 buds on average). A good grower.


              Pure white standards and white falls with a wide pure mid-blue border. Pale yellow beards. Excellent grower and bloomer. "Alizes" gained the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 2000.

                ALL ASHORE

                A refreshing vision in shades of white and blue. Petals pure crystalline white and broad aniline blue sepals fading towards light yellow beards. Extremely floriferous.
                Flowering:Mid-season to late


                  An elegant descendant of the excellent "Crowned Heads". Light blue standards and snow white falls with just a touch of greenish yellow near the sunshine yellow beards. Particularly attractive flowers with little ruffling. Vigorous growth.


                    As warm as the south of Spain: bright and pure yellow standards and velvety red falls. Extremely clean contrast and exceptionally vigourous. RHS Award of Garden Merit 2006.

                      ART DECO

                      Excellent variety with dark violet standards marked with white in the centre and pure white falls with a clearly drawn dark blue-violet bordure 1cm wide. Very floriferous with 8 to 12 buds.
                      Flowering:Very early

                        AS DE CARREAU

                        Upright standards, white tinted chartreuse-yellow, wide falls between eggplant and black with yellow-orange beards on an acid yellow spot. Magnificent form, amply ruffled and perfect stems with 8 to 9 buds. Sibling to ‘Il est Formidable’ and ‘Mer de Crête’. Excellent parentage.

                          AS DE PIQUE

                          Bred from our long lineage of "black and white" iris. White, only slightly toned lavender standards. Falls close to horizontal are of a velvety black with a tiny amethyst edging. The throat is white, striated with crimson surrounding dark orange beards. Quite different from 'Domino Noir'! 7 buds/stalk. (Cayeux seedling 06 117 A)


                            Canary yellow standards , horizontal chestnut or mahogany falls with golden yellow beards, sometimes extended by a small white spur. Very good stems, good substance and long flowering . 8 buds . (Cayeux Seedling 10 45 A)

                              ASTRID C.

                              Pure white standards, pale lilac falls, deeper towards edges. Discreet orange beard. "Astrid C." gives a strong feeling of freshness.