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Année de création



Very large, soft and majestic flowers with white standards tinted a soft yellow at the base. Creamy white falls discreetly tinted in the same yellow tone. Golden yellow markings along the golden beards. On average 9-10 strong lemon yellow buds.


    Another direct descendant of "Chevalier de Malte", a pure white with a pretty lavender border on the horizontal falls. Discreet red beards. Medium-sized flowers with a lot of regular ruffles.


      White standards with a hint of pale violet. White falls lightly tinted lavender. Tangerine beards. It often reblooms in late summer or beginning of autumn.


        Imposing and elegant pure white widely ruffled. Discreet ivory beards. Excellent stems with often 4 flowers blooming at the same time. 4th prize at the international competition of Florence in 1997.

          GOT MILK

          Imposing large pure white flower with good proportions, rolling ruffles and good 'body'. The sturdy stems carry 12 to 16 buds, and soon multiply into good clumps. A champion among the whites!

            LA PART DES ANGES

            Clear blue-violet standards, deeper at midribs ; very pale blue falls ageing to white. Very light blue beards tipped orange. Vigorous growth.

              RE LA BLANCHE

              Named after the beautiful Ile de Ré off the Brittany coast, it displays a combination of delicate seaside colours: the bluish-white on opening becomes pure white in full bloom. Pale yellow beards tipped with white. Numerous remarkably shaped ruffled flowers and a strong multiplier.

                SHARPER IMAGE

                Bred from "Special Feature", it has inherited its spur-like beards, these ones being pale lavender, the rest of the flower being ice-white. Very strong, well-bodied flowers, with nearly horizontal falls. A classic beauty, useful in the garden for its striking looks and late flowering.


                  Perfection in lavender-white tones. Silverado's broad, well sculpted flowers are harmoniously ruffled and the tall sturdy stems display 8 to 9 buds.

                    SOVEREIGN CROWN

                    Light blue standards, deeper in center ; near-white falls gentian-blue wash on midline . Yellow orange beards, pale violet at base, ending with a short bluebird blue horn. Ruffled and very vigorous.

                      SUR UN NUAGE

                      A stunning white, standing majestically with a beautiful shape and strong substance. Falls are nearly horizontal with yellow beards lightly shouldered in the same tone. Exemplary stalks with branching starting low . Long flowering season. A brother to our 2018 introduction: 'Epatant'. (Cayeux seedling 10 309 B)

                        TEMPÊTE DE NEIGE

                        Coming from the marvellous ‘Skating Party’, this is a majestic white with very wide falls, slightly cream tinted in their center. Discreet lemon yellow beards. Low branching and 10 buds per stem.


                          Pale blue standards shading deeper in lower center, Blue-white falls with a light blue edge (6 mm). Carnelian red beards on white base. Fantastic formed and ruffled flowers as always with Keppel.