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Année de création



Off-pink white standards toned in light lavender at the base ; falls of a soft bluish lavender with white beards tipped with tangerine. Beautiful branching with 8-10 buds/stalk. A most delicate tone combination!


    Cream standards infused butter yellow . Almost horizontal falls, fuchsia turning to mid blue-violet under the yellow-orange beards and delicate light brown rim. Flowers have laced edges and plenty of small ruffles.
    Flowering:Mid-season to late


      Unusual combination of colours : pink standards toned lavender and mid violet falls . The bright orange beards lighten the large and rounded falls. Moderately ruffled. (Schreiner 2014)


        Very wavy, white standards tinted with lavender, very dark purple, velvety falls and brown beards. Lovely 3-branched stems regularly sporting 8 to 10 buds. Healthy, vigorous foliage.


          A touch of fantasy among the two-tones: pale yellow standards and lilac-pink falls with golden yellow beards. Flowers edged with billowing indented ruffles. Strong stems with numerous count of buds (8 to 10).


            Definitely fascinating! Cream white standards infused with plenty of lemon yellow, deep purple falls that turn to a sustained lavender under beards of golden yellow tipped white. A very pale 2mm lavender border completes this original complex pedigree combination. A really interesting one.

              FRENCH CANCAN

              Attractive contrast between the pale pink standards and the light blue-lavender falls. The long red beards bring a bright note to this wonderful new iris. Very nice stalks with a lot of buds followed by a long flowering. For us, one of our best creations.


                A very big bicolour with butter-yellow standards and very dark violet-purple falls, with a big cream "throat" around the yellow-orange beard. Despite the moderate number of 6 buds, the arresting contrast offered by "Funambule" makes it an excellent new variety.

                  GERARD BRIERE

                  We are delighted to name this new unusual bi-colour "Gérard Brière" after the founder of the iris garden Brocéliande in Brittany. Amber-yellow standards, tinted brown at their edge, and blue-violet falls with a large white centre and bright yellow long beards. Multiplies up well, unusual colour.

                    GRANDE COQUETTE

                    Entirely new: large flowers with pale blue standards and greenish yellow falls. Orange beards. A very unusual contrast similar in style to the standard dwarf "Real Coquette". Very attractive and easy to place in mixed borders. Late and prolific flowering. (9 buds per stem).

                      HAUT LES VOILES

                      We crossed two Dykes Medal winners ("Edith Wolford" and "Honky Tonk Blues") to get this magnificent and waved bicolor. Clear butter yellow standards and cool bluish lavender falls with almost invisible beards. For us, it is one of the best blue and yellow bicolors.

                        INFUSION TILLEUL

                        Aiming for green amoenas: standards between lavender white and greyish white. Light tawny falls tending toward green. Brownish orange beards. On average 9 large, frilled flowers. Excellent branching.

                          JE VOLE

                          Resulting from the cross between 'Ciel gris sur Poilly' and 'Macaron', this is a two-toned variety with yellow standards and amber borders which contrast with nearly horizontal, sustained bright purple falls. Orange beards. Average-sized and beautifully shaped flowers which are compact and undulated.

                            LAND DOWN AND UNDER

                            Brassy Khaki standards infused maroon. Mid gold falls with light violet flashes around the old gold beards. Fast increase, strong stalks with 9 buds . Something very different ! (Johnson 2013)


                              Sumptuous new variety with sky blue standards and satiny dark violet falls of as surprising luminosity. The falls are paler towards the dark rusty orange beards, shouldered with amaranth. Numerous ruffled flowers, low-branched stems, excellent foliage and long flowering-in short: a nearly perfect iris that is one of our favourites.

                                MASQUE NOIR

                                Buttery yellow standards with a light brown border, velvety falls are coloured between aubergine and black. Orange beards surrounded by small white streaks. Good sized flowers, 8 buds per stem. A variety with a mysterious allure! (Cayeux seedling 12 319 B)


                                  Slightly smoky-pink standards and falls that veer between medium lavender and clear violet with bright red beards. Unusual and attractive combination! In the style of its father "French-Cancan" but of a different intensity. Flowers moderately ruffled and 8 buds.

                                    NELLY TARDIVIER

                                    This new and luscious combination carries numerous elegantly ruffled flowers (11 on average) which feature medium-sized standards. The nearly horizontals falls of amaranth, with borders which turn to a light pink copper tone, are nicely echoed by bronze-coloured beards. We are pleased to have named this exquisite variety in memory of Madame Tardivier, former director of the Jardins des Tuileries at the Louvre.


                                      Salmon pink standards on pinkish purple falls. Bright orange-red beards on a paler zone. Tall and well-branched stems. Another interesting characteristic: it blooms late.

                                        REGARD SOMBRE

                                        Horizontal coppery amber standards of velvet, somewhere between solid crimson-violet and aubergine tones. The flowers stand firmly, boasting their very ruffled edges and burned orange toned beards.