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Pink with melon hues and a tiny green throat. A small flower, yet full and elegant. Deciduous foliage.


    Lovely light lemon yellow with a discreet green throat. A sturdy plant with large flowers (18 cm in diameter). Deciduous foliage.


      Pale lemon yellow flower with a green heart. Very pure colour and excellent shape. Strong ramification. Semi-evergreen foliage.


        Between apricot and orange with wide tepals. An excellent fast-growing garden plant. Tetraploid variety. Will sometimes re-bloom in the fall. Deciduous foliage.

          DOUBLE DATE

          Brilliant yellow. A double ruffled and embossed flower. Very generous flowering. Deciduous foliage.

            DOUBLE GLITTER

            Double orange yellow flowers. Excellent ramification and very floriferous. Deciduous foliage.

              ETCHED IN GOLD

              Yellow, lightly tinted with pink and with a crimped golden edge. Large gold heart. Good branching. Tetraploid variety with deciduous foliage.

                HEY THERE (H)

                Velvety, pure crimson-red with large curved sepals. An elegant tetraploid variety with good ramification. Deciduous foliage.

                  HIGH VOLTAGE

                  Soft melon colour, darker toward the throat. Large-sized flower opening very wide. Grows rapidly into large clumps. Tetraploid variety with deciduous foliage.

                    LULLABY BABY

                    A miniature pale pink flower (8cm in diameter) with a discreet yellow throat. Ruffled edges. Evergreen foliage.

                      LUXURY LACE

                      Medium-sized wavy flower, pale pink with lavender hues and a greenish yellow throat. Deciduous foliage.

                        MEXICAN WAY

                        A large pink-orange flower. A good warm colour and a sturdy, nicely shaped flower. Tetraploid variety with deciduous foliage.

                          MUSIC MASTER

                          Intense coral red flower with finely waved, elegantly ruffled tepals. Well branched. Deciduous foliage.

                            PAPAL COURT

                            A gorgeous big flower, bright pink tinted with lavender. Soft pinkish yellow throat. A very good and well branched variety.(Tetraploid with deciduous foliage).