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Année de création




Quite innovative in this range: purplish violet standards with lacy edges, falls slightly bolder with a narrow bronze border, old gold beards set against a small white background which lights up the whole flower. Descendant of "Serene Moment". Interesting and late-flowering.

Flowering:Mid-season to late


    Resulting from a cross between 'Winterfest' and 'Purple Serenade', this variety features giant flowers (17 cm in diameter) of a rich, deep and very even crimson tone. Dark violet blue beards. Ample undulations frame both the standards and falls.


      Beautiful two-tones violet with pur violet standards and purplish violet falls almost black on the edges and around the bronze beards. The wide falls have a velvety lustre and waved edges.
      Flowering:Early to mid-season


        One of our favourites in 2022 ! Mauve standards turning to beige-green on edges, horizontal purple-violet falls with a tan border. Golden bronzed beards. Truly new and a real charm inherited from its parent ‘Nelly Tardivier’ . 8 buds per stem .

          DAKOTA SMOKE

          A slightly strange but attractive colour : medium purple standards, burgundy toward the heart. Almost horizontal falls coloured somewhere between magenta pink, purple or violet. Purple beards. An abundance of flowers: 3 to 4 branches per stalk carrying each between 8 and 13 buds!


            A huge flower of impeccable shape, ruffled but not too much. The colour is a rich purple-violet shimmering like silk, even the beards are dark purple-blue.

              ECLIPSE DE MAI

              It is a somptuous two-tone violet with dark violet standards and very wide, gracefully waved falls between black and violet. Black-violet beards bring an extra depth to the ensemble. 8 buds per stem and vigorous, healthy foliage.


                Bred from the marvellous "Paul Black", Dykes Medal winner in 2010, here is a charming unified rosy violet with red beards. The medium-sized flowers are perfectly balanced with the foliage and very numerous (average of 12). Well-branched stems, delicious colour.

                  FULL IMPACT

                  Dark blue-violet standards with a white area at their base, falls of same tint with a white area around the white beards. Average sized flowers in full harmony with the plant. Long flowering.

                    GRAND AMIRAL

                    "Memphis Blues" and "Sapphire Hills" gave us this superbly shaped, medium-blue violet iris with tight ruffles on edges. A thin white median stripe extends the discreet light blue beard. Perfect stems and exceptional vigour.
                    Flowering:Mid-season to late

                      JOYEUSE MODE

                      Wonderfully shaped, amply ruffled pinkish lavender. Wide falls, slightly paler toward the centre. Beards are tangerine toward red. A classic tone but with a quality finishing. Really a useful tone in our gardens! (Cayeux seedling 10 355 A)


                        Two good parents : ‘Domino Noir’ and ‘Changing Seasons’, gave us this two-tones violet giant. Standards are mid purple-violet and falls much darker. Thin bronzed yellow beards. Huge flowers have a velvety aspect.

                          LOCAL COLOR

                          Extraordinary violet two tones : deep violet standards and dark velvety purple-violet falls edged light violet. Bright orange vermilion beards.

                            MIDNIGHT TREAT

                            A combination of deep rich tones. Mid-purple standards and velvety purplish black falls, whose edges are the same colour as the standards. Beards likewise purplish black and therefore discreet. Very large wavy flowers (16.5 cm x 10 cm).
                            Flowering:Early to mid-season


                              Medium purplish blue, slightly lighter on the falls. Surprising dark blue beards surrounded by dark red markings. Medium sized, lightly ruffled flowers in keeping with the size of the plant.

                                OH! SUSANNAH

                                This is the 3rd seedling brother to 'Confiserie' and 'Attirance' which we introduce : Standards are an intense amethyst and falls in the same tone but slightly bluish around the bronze toned beards tipped with lavender. Exquisite shape with softly ruffled, almost horizontal falls. Excellent branching. (Cayeux Seedling 09 111 D)


                                  Purple lavender standards with a diffused caramel border, deep purple falls with long and bright tangerine beards which are extended by a short white midline. Flowers of moderate size in balance with the foliage. (Cayeux Sowing 11 77 B).

                                    PROFOND SOUPIR

                                    Imposing bright and deep violet perfectly plain. Thick yellow-orange beards ending pale lavender. Full and round flowers, lightly ruffled and firm bodied. Son of ‘Paul Black’ and ‘Rippling River’.

                                      ROBE DE VELOURS

                                      Medium to deep purple-mauve standards, aubergine, velvety-textured falls with a light purple border (5 to 7 mm wide). Bronze-yellow beards. An average of 7 buds per stem. (Cayeux seedling 10 329 C).

                                        ROSALIE FIGGE

                                        Violet-purple, a bit darker on falls. White spray around the white beard tipped violet. It is a vigorous grower and it can rebloom at the beginning of autumn.