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Année de création




Quite innovative in this range: purplish violet standards with lacy edges, falls slightly bolder with a narrow bronze border, old gold beards set against a small white background which lights up the whole flower. Descendant of "Serene Moment". Interesting and late-flowering.

Flowering:Mid-season to late


    Magnificent very pure sky blue, with small pale yellow beards towards the centre becoming white at their ends. Flowers close to the stem but well spaced and moderately ruffled. Very upright stalks and long-lasting flowers (9 – 10 buds on average). A good grower.


      Whilst always seeking to be original, one could almost forget these subtle yet useful colours. Deliciously lavender pink with a very thin and discrete lavender beard. Quality branching with 8 buds on average, very prolific.
      Flowering:Mid-season to late


        The cross "Chevalier de Malte" with "Conjuration" has given us many good seedlings, "Aurélie" is one of them. It has white standards with lavender on their edges and flaring purple-violet falls with a large white centre. The thick red beard ends in a white spur. Well-branched stalks. Winner at the Florence iris competition in 2007.


          This historic variety (a descendent of "Dalmatica") features light to mid tones of lavender, lighter around the white, golden-tipped beards. Flowers are larger than the Iris Pallida's, and quite charming.

            BAIE DES ANGES

            A very attractive solid light to medium blue with bright tangerine beards. This iris is a descendant of "Princesse Caroline de Monaco" and "Eau Vive", both blue with tangerine coloured beards. Medium sized flowers with a lovely shape. We feel that the pureness of tone compensates for the relatively small number of buds (6-7 on average).

              BALLON CAPTIF

              Resulting from a cross between 'Winterfest' and 'Purple Serenade', this variety features giant flowers (17 cm in diameter) of a rich, deep and very even crimson tone. Dark violet blue beards. Ample undulations frame both the standards and falls.

                BELGIAN PRINCESS

                Soft lavender standards and white falls tinted very pale pinkish lavender, contrasted against the bright tangerine beards. An iris with lots of finesse and great style! Very ruffled flowers, 8 to 9 buds per stem. Vigorous grower with good resistance to disease.
                Flowering:Early to mid-season

                  BELLE DE NUIT

                  Broad flowers showing a lovely contrast: pale blue standards on wide and velvety pansy violet-blue falls, lighter on edges. Small tangerine beard with a white end. Good grower.

                    BELLE HORTENSE

                    Beautiful two-tones violet with pur violet standards and purplish violet falls almost black on the edges and around the bronze beards. The wide falls have a velvety lustre and waved edges.
                    Flowering:Early to mid-season

                      BELLE SURPRISE

                      One of our favourites in 2022 ! Mauve standards turning to beige-green on edges, horizontal purple-violet falls with a tan border. Golden bronzed beards. Truly new and a real charm inherited from its parent ‘Nelly Tardivier’ . 8 buds per stem .

                        BLUE CRUSADER

                        Tall stems, large ruffled flowers, extremely vigorous: it is a new deep violet of noble stature. Beards of the same colour. Each rhizome can produce three or more fans and each stem carries 7 to 8 flowers.

                          BLUE TEMPTATION

                          Marvellous really pure mid-blue, bred from two equally wonderful blues: "Yaquina Blue" and "Oregon Skies". Yellow beards tipped with blue, nearly invisible in this cerulean ocean. Very big flowers (10 cm x 16 cm), gently ruffled.

                            BORD DE LOIRE

                            A choice contribution in the medium blue category (not so developed elsewhere). Gracefully wavy semi-horizontal falls with fairly discreet light blue beards. Good branching and 7 to 8 buds on average per stem. Really very, very blue! (Cayeux Sowing 09 202 A).

                              CAPE PERPETUA

                              What's new in "Cape Perpetua"? Not its colour: light and plain blue with white beards, but its shape: both standards and falls show lacy, frilly edges and this is unique in its category. A really charming blue iris!

                                CARIBBEAN DREAM

                                A well-named variety that is one of the bluest of the blues. A medium blue with large and round flowers. While "Carribean Dream" does not produce many buds per stem, if often produces several stems per zhizome.(Schreiner 1990)

                                  CHOU BLEU

                                  A large, very pure medium blue with very discreet yellow beards. Strongly borne flowers with quite round, well waved falls. The foliage is vigorous and the upright stems carry an average of 8 to 10 buds. Brother of the Cayeux variety "Heure Bleue".


                                    Brother to 'Attirance' and just as enticing with its lovely plain purplish lavender tone. The shape is exquisite with strongly ruffled falls. Beards are tipped in pale lavender. Average 9-10 buds per stem.

                                      DAKOTA SMOKE

                                      A slightly strange but attractive colour : medium purple standards, burgundy toward the heart. Almost horizontal falls coloured somewhere between magenta pink, purple or violet. Purple beards. An abundance of flowers: 3 to 4 branches per stalk carrying each between 8 and 13 buds!

                                        DANGEROUS MOOD

                                        Interesting and very unusual colour contrast between the pale blue standards and the bluish-black velvety falls. Black-purple beards tipped yellow. This very recent iris (introduced in the USA in 2004) has strong stalks and propagates very quickly.
                                        Flowering:Early to mid-season