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Année de création



White standards with blue pigmentation on the edges, broad white falls a clear blue violet border and orange-yellow beards. First-class shape, substance and shank.
Flowering:Mid-season to late


    The cross "Chevalier de Malte" with "Conjuration" has given us many good seedlings, "Aurélie" is one of them. It has white standards with lavender on their edges and flaring purple-violet falls with a large white centre. The thick red beard ends in a white spur. Well-branched stalks. Winner at the Florence iris competition in 2007.


      Faïence de Gien's excellent seedling brother is very elegant but taller. Its exceptional lower branching stalks carry 7 to 8 buds. It features milk-white standards whilst the very wide white falls have lovely violet and purplish black borders (over 2 cm) and are veined with fine lines of the same colour which run parallel to the golden yellow beards.


        Clear yellow standards turning to white on edges. Almost horizontal falls , white with a wide purple pink border (12 to 15 mm). Orange yellow beards.

          BORD DE MER

          Creamy white standards faintly tinted with pale green and white falls with a precise, mid-blue border. Pure yellow beards. Wavy, large flowers and an average of 9 buds per stem.

            BRIN DE FOLIE


            BRIN DE FOLIE Cream standards infused with acid yellow, very pale lavender falls with a canary yellow heart, crossed by fine purple streaks. Orange beards in the middle then prolonged with a yellow spur. Very nice shape, wavy, 7 buds. (Cayeux seedling 09 187)


              BRINDLED BEAUTY

              Standards are of a pink- toned-white splattered with magenta. Falls are a light peachy pink with intense magenta veining and dotting. Tangerine beards.
              Flowering:Mid-season to late

                CAN'T TOUCH THIS

                One of the most innovative American introductions since 2000! White ruffled standards and falls with a white center and a very broad navy blue border (at least 3 cm) which gently washes the edges of the white central spot. Yellow beards. Most interesting for iris breeders.
                Flowering:Early to mid-season

                  CERCLE BLEU

                  Very big flowers whose standards have a faint blue tinge on opening, quickly becoming pure white. Rounded, nearly horizontal falls, pure white with a wide bold blue-violet border (15 to 20 mm). Distinct, clearly visible, red beard. Robust standards and a balanced stalk (7 buds per stem). Moderately ruffled.
                  Flowering:Mid-season to late

                    CHEVALIER DE MALTE

                    A new and exciting combination of colours! Soft rosy buff standards. Bright pink-purple falls with a large cream centre embellished with a long, thick and bright orange-red beard. Medium-sized flowers harmoniously displayed on perfectly branched stems.

                      COMME UN SOURIRE

                      Pretty new variety resulting from our research into colour-edged irises. Featuring raised standards of apricot-pink, large falls with rosy-white centres and wide amaranth-toned edges. Thick mandarin beard. Good substance and excellent branching.

                        CRIMSON TIGER

                        Astonishing pale copper randomly streaked and splashed with red and magenta. Golden copper beards. Definitely a very seductive mixture of warm tones. Moderate but acceptable multiplier.

                          CROWE'S FEET

                          White standards, white falls lined with closely spaced purple veins going from beard to edge and bordered with a narrow white rim. White beards tipped orange. Border bearded variety. (Black 2006)


                            One of the last to flower and very original! Pale yellow standards and almost horizontal, lavender-white falls. Golden yellow beards extended by a long, white spur tipped with lavender. Very tall, well branched stalks.

                              EN EQUILIBRE

                              Butter yellow to lemon yellow standards with wide, amply ruffled, white falls bordered with a 15mm intense cyclamen pink seam. Tall, very well branched stalks bearing 9 to 10 buds on average. Orange beards. Similar in style to 'Galon Rose' but  much brighter. Long flowering. (Cayeux seedling 06 144 A)

                                EXPRESS YOURSELF

                                Golden copper standards infused and washed with smoky purple, white falls infused clear purple-lavender especially in centre , copper-yellow border. Orange beards ending blue. Coming from DAKOTA SMOKE, unusual combination, strong growth.


                                  Pure white standards, white falls with a wide purplish lavender border creeping toward the heart. A fine (3mm) bluish white line runs along the edges. Red beards. Moderately sized flowers well balanced with the foliage. (On average 7-8 buds)

                                    FOLIE DOUCE

                                    A wonderful bubbling exuberance is evoked by the wavy shape of the flowers. Rosy cream standards and cream falls edged with amethyst. The wide, tufted, coral red beards, are really astonishing. Low branching stems with an average of 8 buds. In short: very original.

                                      FROSTED VELVET

                                      Belongs to the category of "miniature tall beardeds", a sort of bonsai but quite beautiful. Pure white standards and purple to black falls with a fine white border. The yellow beards are surround by purplish black striations. Most interesting!

                                        FULL DISCLOSURE

                                        For those who like flat irises, Full Disclosure is a true flat, having beards on all petals rather than weak standards . Style arms light mauve, dark lilac petals and orange beards. Usually about 7 buds per stalk . (Johnson 2013)