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Année de création



Bright yellow standards and golden yellow falls sanded with white near the orange-yellow beards. It does not burn under hot sun. Good grower. (Smith 1992)


    The very large, well-bodied flowers are slightly ruffled. Pure golden yellow with beards of the same colour on a small white area. 6 to 7 buds and often several stems per clump. Great garden value.


      Bright apricot with red-orange beards. Round and solid flowers. Relatively classical shape. Good grower. RHS Award of Garden Merit 2004.


        With its late flowering, this variety brings brightness and light into the garden. Its semi-horizontal standards and falls of bright yellow have small ruffles and the slightly singed orange beards tail off into a small spur. The blooms are of average size on tall and well branched stems (Average of 10 buds).


          Soft rosy apricot, slightly paler on the almost horizontal falls. Superb shape, pretty edged with ruffles (though not excessively). An extra attraction: a pale rosy apricot spur extends the tangerine beards. Late flowering.

            POIVRE ROUGE

            Belle Moisson's sibling with standards of pale yellow that deepens near the edges. The falls are yellow with red-brown striations near the golden beards and also peppered with red speckles towards the bottom. Attractive, beautifully branched with a long flowering period.

              POT D OR

              Pure sunshine yellow, with a discreet paler area under the bright yellow beard. Semi-horizontal falls, very wavy flowers with finely crimped edges. Particularly useful in that it flowers late.


                Very big flowers in delicious apricot tones, wide falls slightly paler below the tangerine beards and ruffled standards, tinted peach pink at their base. Excellent colour and good garden value.


                  The truly brilliant offspring of 'Terre de Savane' with golden yellow standards and undulated equally golden yellow falls which turn to caramel along the edges. The beards are orange. Perfect stems with an average of 10 buds.

                    ROUGE DE PLAISIR


                    Derived from 'Tabac Blond' and 'Golden Panther', this is a pretty amaranth red, slightly coppery, well composed and enhanced by the radiance of it’s vivid, bright red beards. Excellent shape, regular waves and very good foliage qualities. (Cayeux seedling 10 186 B).



                      Deep and bright rosy mulberry. This nice tint is slightly clearer near the thick and intense red beards, which light up the whole flower. Harmoniously and softly ruffled.

                        RUSTIC CEDAR

                        Huge flower (20 cm) lightly ruffled. Bright golden copper tan shading to lighter cordovan tan toward centre of falls. Golden copper tan beards. A warm coloured iris.


                          Brassy yellow standards with green tones, brassy yellow style arms . Brassy yellow falls with a lighter white flash near beards. Bright yellow-orange beards. Excellent growth. (Johnson 2012)

                            SECRET RITES

                            Very unusual! Greyish yellow standards strongly infused with purplish violet starting from their base, and golden yellow falls tinted with green. Orange-yellow beards. Small, tightly waved flowers, very good branching with up to 9 buds per stalk. Placed 3rd at the Florence International Iris Competition in 2009.