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Année de création



Canary yellow standards , horizontal chestnut or mahogany falls with golden yellow beards, sometimes extended by a small white spur. Very good stems, good substance and long flowering . 8 buds . (Cayeux Seedling 10 45 A)


    White standards with blue pigmentation on the edges, broad white falls a clear blue violet border and orange-yellow beards. First-class shape, substance and shank.


      Clear yellow standards turning to white on edges. Almost horizontal falls , white with a wide purple pink border (12 to 15 mm). Orange yellow beards.



        BRIN DE FOLIE Cream standards infused with acid yellow, very pale lavender falls with a canary yellow heart, crossed by fine purple streaks. Orange beards in the middle then prolonged with a yellow spur. Very nice shape, wavy, 7 buds. (Cayeux seedling 09 187)

          CHEAP FRILLS

          Buff-coloured standards with a hint of peach. Falls with a white background edged in the same colour as the standards but peppered light brown to cinnamon. Red-orange beards prolonged with a fine cinnamon toned line. Stands tall with ruffled flowers.
          Flowering:Early to late

            COMME UN OEUF

            Another sibling to our 2018 introduction 'Epatant'. Very soft creamy yellow standards and eggyolk yellow falls with a discreet cream border. Bright orange beards. Falls are almost horizontal with jagged edges. Excellent branching true to this large and beautiful family's. (Cayeux seedling 10 309 D)

              COMME UN SOURIRE

              Pretty new variety resulting from our research into colour-edged irises. Featuring raised standards of apricot-pink, large falls with rosy-white centres and wide amaranth-toned edges. Thick mandarin beard. Good substance and excellent branching.


                Brother to 'Attirance' and just as enticing with its lovely plain purplish lavender tone. The shape is exquisite with strongly ruffled falls. Beards are tipped in pale lavender. Average 9-10 buds per stem.
                Flowering:Mid-season to late

                  DERNIER CRI

                  Son of 'French Cancan' and 'Fanfreluche' with light beige standards and almost horizontal falls of soft lavender. Tangerine toned beards. Stems are rather compact. A most pleasing combination of pastel tones. (Cayeux seedling 05 298 A)
                  Flowering:Very late

                    ESPRIT LÉGER

                    Though it has a moderate count of buds : 6 on average, we do like this son of INFUSION TILLEUL. Pure white standards  and pale lavender falls with a lime border, 4 mm wide. Orange beards. Excellent form, ruffled and well-branched stalks.
                    Flowering:Mid-season to late

                      EXPRESS YOURSELF

                      Golden copper standards infused and washed with smoky purple, white falls infused clear purple-lavender especially in centre , copper-yellow border. Orange beards ending blue. Coming from DAKOTA SMOKE, unusual combination, strong growth.



                        One of our favourites among our 25 new varieties for 2021! Absolutely pure white standards and falls with a pure white background also bordered in a regular way in deep indigo blue over nearly 2 cm in width. Bright yellow beards. Sculptural in shape and as majestic as the eponymous temple. (Cayeux Seedling 12 238 C).

                          DOMINIQUE C.

                          Radiant and sparkling, as was Dominique herself... the colours of this iris have an unforgettable "joie de vivre": pure bright yellow standards, white falls with a wide yellow border creeping towards the centre. Golden yellow beards. Quite rounded flowers with crimped edges like its parent "Just Before Dawn". Quite a short stem but well-branched.


                            Splendid mid-blue perfectly uniform, without the slightest trace of purple. Orange-yellow beards at the heart, white at their ends, discreet so do not detract from this harmonious blue. Very prolific like it’s parent "Aquamarine". We are honoured that Jean Giono's daughter has agreed to have one of our new irises named after her! (Cayeux sowing 11 266 A).


                              A spicy warm variety: pure bright medium-yellow standards, falls between red and black with a yellow centre that spreads out in fine yellow streaks. The yellow-orange beards quite often end in a little dark red spatula, which gives an extra original note to this "spicy" flower. Winner of the "Public Prize" at Franciris in 2011